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Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer vent cleaning can prevent household fires. The number of residential fires attributed to dryer vents is on the rise. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission's Residential Fire Loss Estimates, "15,700 residential fires originated from dryer vents... $99 million in property damage resulted from these fires and 15 deaths." In 1995, that number was 13,700.

Initial Vent Inspection

Save money and decrease clothes drying time, especially for jeans and towels, with a properly operating drying. Over time, as a dryer is used, lint collects inside the vent walls. The larger the build-up, the greater the risk of fire. We inspect all connection pieces to make sure they are properly attached and up to building codes. For example, a maximum of 25 feet of pipe is required. Once the inspection is completed, we provide recommendations to improve your safety.

Professional Solutions

Depending on the dryer type and how the dryer is vented, the basic cleaning procedure is the same. We work with both stackable and side-by-side dryers, as well as gas and electric powered models. Our vent maintenance and cleaning technicians unhook the connection piece between the dryer and vent and then uses the RotoVac system of assorted rotary brushes to clean out the entire vent and connection piece. After reconnecting the vent and the dryer, we recheck the vent while the dryer runs to ensure it's clean and properly attached.

Vent Maintenance

Using a dryer with dirty vents prevents hot air from exiting the vent freely, forcing the dryer to run longer than normal. Longer drying time takes more electricity and puts added stress on the appliance. We offer regular vent maintenance to ensure your dryer vents are clean and the dryer works properly.